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Top Causes Of Water Leaks In Homes

Water Leaks are very common in homes, but they can be troublesome. Some leaks require you to hire a professional plumber, other leaks can be treated with DIY style. One thing for sure, maintaining your plumbing system will prolong its life and will cause you less of an inconvenience in the long run. As busy homeowners, plumbing maintenance is often ignored, and pipes eventually corrode and leak thus resulting in extensive repairs.

We have compiled a list of the top causes of water leaks in homes:


These plumbing fixtures are the most susceptible to leaking because of their moving parts and wear and tear. Toilets may take the longest to leak, but the faucets and shower heads have very low life expectancy. Once the drips start coming, get them replaced. This is where you need a professional.



rusted pipeOlder plumbing fixtures and older pipes can rust, which in turn cause leaks that require a professional. If small plumbing fixtures are rusted, it’s easier to replace them manually. Steel pipes which are mostly underground or within your walls, when become rusty will require a professional. The newer PVC pipes have no danger of being rusted because of their material.



pipe corrosionA basic chemical reaction can cause erosion and is one of the types of common corrosion found in homes. Water quality and age of pipes and/or plumbing fixtures can also cause corrosion and once you have corrosion in any part of your plumbing, it will only get worse, and need to be replaced as soon as possible.



cracked pipeThe new pipes today rarely crack, but at times, they do, and need to be changed right away. The older pipes have higher chances of leaking due to their materials, or roots that had made their way within them and cause them to eventually crack. For these pipes, they need to be replaced all together as trying to repair them may cause more problems.


Pipe Joints

leaking elbowFor this type of leak, you would need a professional, because unfortunately these joints are deep within your walls and unless you see some property damage, you would not know if there is a problem. If you experience any of these leaks within your home, don’t hesitate to call us and we’ll get it fixed the best and quickest way possible.


Yearly Maintenance of Main Sewer Lines

Most homeowners remember to address periodic duties of home maintenance such as; cleaning gutters and downspouts, inspecting roofs and chimneys, winterizing pipes, and so on. One commonly forgotten maintenance task is to have your main sewer line cleaned.

The main sewer line of your home should be cleaned and maintained so that it does not get clogged and cause nasty water damage and expensive repair bills. Your main sewer line is the place where all the waste from the home gets drained!

What kind of sewer lines does your home have?

clay-sewer-lineClay sewer lines- you may have clay sewer lines if your home was built before the 1950s. This type of sewer lines have a lot of joints, some with a joint every 3 feet. Tree roots commonly grow into the joints and feed off the water in the line. Once tree roots enter the sewer line they will grow and eventually cause blockage. Rooter-Man recommends that these lines be professionally inspected and cleaned once per year.

orangeburg-pipesFibre conduit sewer lines- If your home was built in the 1950s or 1960s you may have fibre conduit sewer lines. With the post-war housing building boom underway, the types of pipes then affordable for sewer and drains were limited. A heavier walled version of the fibre conduit was developed through the lamination of several layers of ground wood cellulose fibres. This type of sewer line is commonly reffered to as as “Orangeburg” pipe. Over time it is common for these types of sewer lines to deform in shape, however, tree root intrusion is rare. Rooter-Man recommends that these lines be professionally inspected and cleaned once per year.

cast-iron-sewerCast iron sewer lines- If your home was built from the late 1960s up until the present its likely you home has cast iron sewer lines. Cast iron sewer lines have less joints and are much stronger compared to clay and fibre conduit sewer lines. However, since the pipe is made of iron rust deposits will form on the inside of the pipe over time and if never cleaned will eventually catch material and cause a clog. Rooter-Man recommends that these lines be professionally inspected and cleaned once per year.

Preventative measures

Just by taking some simple preventative measures you can prevent clogs and backflows from the sewer line. There are certain precautions you need to exercise so that your plumbing system works trouble free.

  • Never rinse fats used for cooking and grease in your kitchen sink as it sticks in the sewer line and can clog it. You should instead collect in and throw it away in the garbage.
  • It is recommended not to flush anything down the toilet which will not decomposed with water.
  • Avoid planting trees near the main sewer line to prevent tree root intrusion.
  • Help keep your drain clear by pouring down baking soda with hot water, or vinegar with hot water. It keeps the drain free-flowing and also maintains the sewer line.
  • It is recommended that you install sewer backflow devices (SBDs) so that the backflow may be checked.

Yearly maintenance of main sewer line helps you keep any sewer related problems at bay. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you get your sewage line checked on a yearly basis. Call Rooter-Man at 1-866-577-1221 to have your sewer line inspected


Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic tanks must be cleaned in order to prevent overflow and blockage. The process of pumping and cleaning septic tanks should be completed on a regular basis by a professional septic company. The size of the tank and the level of its use should be used to determine how often the tank will need maintenance. If you fail to pump out the septic tanks on a regular basis, you can experience failure of the septic tank and incur expensive costs for repairs. It is important to remove any kind of clogging in the septic drainage before it aggravates any kind of issue.

The importance of preventive maintenance through septic pumping ensures that problems in the septic tank can be dealt with as soon as they surface. When you open your tank for septic pumping regularly, you can check for other problems as well. Ground water may also be polluted by coming in contact with the septic tank wastes.

  • You can install electronic monitors for checking scum and sludge levels of the septic tank so that you are informed well in advance about the septic maintenance.
  • The preventive maintenance of the septic tank by regular pumping increases the durability of the septic tank and keep other problems associated with septic tanks at bay.

There are many factors that influence the frequency of maintenance of septic tanks.

  • Frequency of using laundry: If you are using laundry services frequently, more water will go into the septic tank thereby increasing the frequency.
  • Size of septic tanks and people in the house: The size of the septic tank must be large enough to handle the waste pressure of the number of people staying in the house. If there are more people, the amount of waste water will be naturally more. This will call for frequent septic pumping.

In summary, regular septic tank pumping is quite important as it can overflow and also damage the septic tank and sewer system. Apart from pumping, the tank must be inspected for other problems. If you need to have your septic tank pumped, cleaned, or inspected call Rooter-Man at 1-866-577-1221


Main causes of clogged drains

A clogged drain can cause a lot of problems in the bathroom or kitchen. Once a drain is clogged the water is not able to pass through the pipes and stays in the sink, bathtub, or toilet. There are many reasons that drains become clogged but some of the main causes include: presence of debris, faulty pipes, and impurities in water that accumulate in pipes.

The main causes of clogged drains

  • Foreign objects: If foreign objects pass through the drainage, it can obstruct the flow of the water and clog the drain. Some objects decompose on their own overtime, but if the objects are hair, or plastic materials, the debris will not get removed on its own.
  • Heavy rains and storms: Due to heavy rain and storms, leaves, sticks, or other foreign objects can enter storm drain and clog it. In such events, you may need to have the storm drain cleaned using a high pressure water jet.
  • Breaking of drainage pipes: If a drainage pipe is broken, it can also cause clogging as the broken pieces may block the flow of the water. Drainage pipes can break when they are old or incorrectly installed.
  • Fault in pipe installation: When the pipes are installed incorrectly, they are more likely to cause obstruction in the flow of water. Plumbers who fit these pipes carelessly often end up installing the drainage pipes in the wrong way and cause breaking or collapse of drainage system.
  • Water flow issues: Water flows due to gravity and cannot climb uphill unless a pump is used. If the flow of the water is weak due to a water pressure problem it causes accumulation of debris and clogging.

If you are dealing with a backed up sink, toilet, or bathtub call Rooter-Man today at (866) 577-1221 and we will come to the rescue!


New Rooter-Man Franchise Opens in Toronto, ON

Rooter-Man is happy to announce a new service location in Toronto, ON. The new franchise is a full service plumbing and drain cleaning company and is under the ownership of local residents Stuart McDowell and Stephen Brodar. Rooter-Man takes pride in providing the best customer service you will find in the industry. Whether you are in need of routine maintenance or you require emergency plumbing repairs, Rooter-Man of Toronto is there to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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About Rooter-Man:

Rooter-Man provides an array of plumbing and drain cleaning services to homeowners, realtors, municipalities, and commercial/industrial complexes. The company was founded over 43 years ago by Donald MacDonald and is based in Billerica, Massachusetts. Rooter-Man is currently ranked the #1 plumbing franchise with nearly 450 service locations throughout North America. Each Rooter-Man location is locally owned and operated, and has been carefully awarded the right to provide service under the Rooter-Man brand name.

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