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Septic System Restoration- How to get your septic working again.

These restoration methods cannot solve all problems associated with drain field failure. They cannot solve a poor installation, high water table, poor percolation, or too small a field. If the septic tank has overflowed due to lack of pumping or broken baffles, then the drain lines should be jetted first to remove solid accumulation on the inside of the la

EPA Launches New Septic Inspection Program

U.S. EPA launches septic system program/

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency launched Septic Smart, a national program to promote proper septic system care and maintenance by homeowners. Nearly one quarter of all households in the United States depend on septic systems. When properly maintained and used, these systems serve to effectively treat and

Septic Tanks and Pumping Frequency

If a tank is operating properly, solids are retained and take up increasingly more volume. At some time they must be removed. (If there is little accumulation of solids, either the household is extremely conservative with water use and waste generation or there is a problem causing solids to pass through the tank.)

When there is little clear zone left, proper solids sep

Using Ground Penetrating Radar to Map Out and Repair Septic Lines

We recently started using ground penetrating radar as a non-intrusive means of locating plastic septic lines. Whether it is a pumped effluent field or a gravity drain system, once buried the lines are near impossible to locate without extensive excavation. Using a ground penetrating radar we can pinpoint the lines and minimize excavation and yard damage. This has been a wo

Septic System Restoration

If your septic system needs to be pumped more than every few years to work there is probably an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. Most often we see biomat blockage or roots in the drain field. If you have a system with a pump there are other issues that need to be addressed. Often in pumped systems the outlet holes in the discharge pipes become clogged. This f

Clean those area drains!

What a mess. If you have area drains on your site it is a good idea to periodically clean them. If junk accumulates it can stop flow to the drains. Not to mention it can contaminate water sources if the wrong type of discharge is allowed into drains.

This was a drain we cleared at an apartment complex that was causing flooding every time it rained. You can clearly see w

Grease Trap Drain Lines, Obstructions and Stoppages

IMG_20130608_130840_794-576x1024Grease traps are required at a

Professional Drain Cleaning Services in Austin TX

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Septic System Installation in Austin TX


Tankless Water Heater Installation in Austin, TX

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