Are Your Pipes at Risk of Root Invasion?

It is a known fact that roots are attracted to underground pipes, sewage pipes in particular. The phosphorus present in sewage pipes, and the amount of nutrient rich water flowing through them is what the roots are attracted to. A small opening in the form of a crack or joint is all the roots need to invade the pipes and block the free flowing waste water. Roots invading pipes cannot always be detected early because sometimes there are no obvious signs to give away the situation apart from the blockage in the pipes, which shows up when all the damage has been done.

Root Invasion

Whenever people are faced with the nerve wrecking problem of pipes blockage, they usually associate the blockage with the build-up of the waste material, unaware of the fact that roots can also cause a severe blockage. The reason for pipe blockage can only be brought to light with the help of professional inspection. Moreover, if you have some trees near your house, or near your drain pipes, then it could be the reason for the blockage because every underground pipe is at the risk of invasion if some trees are nearby.

Signs to watch for indicating possible sewage pipe root invasion

  • Slow drains
  • Sewage backups
  • Sewer odor
  • Sewage pooling in yard
  • Indentation in lawn
  • Extra green patches of grass
  • Recent rodent or insect infestation

Tree Roots Removal

There are various ways through which the roots can be removed without further damaging the pipelines.

Water Jetting: Water Jetting is a common method that incorporates highly pressurized water. This pressurized water is shot through the pipes to break up the accumulated roots.

Video Camera Inspection: This method utilizes a video camera to inspect the pipes and the damage caused by the roots because the underground pipes cannot be accessed easily. After the problem is located, the roots are removed with the help of other tools. Afterward, the pipes are inspected again to ensure the success of the procedure.

Drain Snakes: Younger roots can be easily removed from the pipelines with the incorporation of the drain snakes that has a rotating auger at its end. The drain snakes break up the roots and make way for free water flow.

All of these three methods are incorporated by our professional plumbers and drain cleaning technicians here at Rooter-Man. They can easily analyze the situation and opt for the method that best suits the pipe condition and the surrounding environment. Rooter-Man has the required manpower and suitable equipment that are mandatory for the proper removal of the roots. So let us have a look at your damaged pipes as we’ll repair them without any trouble.

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