Bathroom Safety

The bathroom is a place where we spend the least time of our day but still want it to be clean and well kept. It is quite natural, as a place where we clean ourselves must be clean and tidy itself. However, considering the mishaps that sometimes occur in the bathroom, yet another dimension that must be added to the bathrooms is safety and accessibility. You must have heard of incidences of slipping on the wet floor of the bathroom or electrocution caused by accidents relating to operating electronic devices near water. Hence, the issue of making the bathrooms safer has cropped up lately. There is a range of changes that you can bring about in your bathroom to make it safer than ever.

Some easy methods to achieve bathroom safety:

Do away with slippery, glossy tiles: Continuous contact with water and soap make the floor quite slippery and losing the traction underneath the feet. Such conditions can make you fall inside the bathroom. It is therefore recommended that small, ceramic tiles that have extra grit be installed in the bathroom.

Adjust the temperature of your water heater: The faucets fitted in the bathrooms are can be set to allow a very high temperature. Water at such high temperatures can scald skin in a matter of few seconds. A lot of water heater thermostats at set at 140F from the manufacturer, while most households only require them to be set at 120F. Adjusting your water heater thermostat and testing the temperature until it is safe enough will also reduce energy consumption.

Fixtures for support: When you are remodeling your bathroom, make sure that you install grabs which can be held in case you are falling. Often the absence of such fixtures leads to an unfortunate fall. Bathroom grab bars will also make your bathroom more accessible for people with disabilities who require them.

Safety for Kids: If you have kids in your home, you must make sure that the bathroom is safe for them in all respects. There should be provision for locking of medications and other cosmetics so that they do not end up eating them.

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