Common Septic Tank Problems


Have you ever flushed your toilet only to hear a gurgling sound coming from the drain pipes? Or has your laundry water emptied only for it to back up in the bathtub? If this has happened on multiple occasions, then your septic tank is usually at fault. A septic tank is installed in properties that don’t have access to public sewage pipelines. A septic tank collects all the dirty water and waste materials and discards them in a proper way. Ignoring initial symptoms of problems with septic tanks can turn the affected properties into a sludgy and stinky mess.

Common Problems with Septic Tanks

Septic tank problems can be caused by improper installation, excessive water disposal, or unsuitable environmental conditions. The most common issues that further aggravate septic tank problems are not emptying it in a timely manner and/or the clogging of the leach field.

Emptying of the Septic Tank

You’ll be surprised by the amount of people who think that once the septic tank has been installed; all their problems have been solved. This is the most common problem because people think it is not necessary to get the sludge removed once a year. The deposit of the hard sludge that doesn’t break away with the help of the bacteria accumulates at the bottom. If not manually removed, the hard sludge can overflow, causing the drain pipes along with the inspection pipes to get blocked.

The Leach Field Problem

Leach fields are the channels dug into the ground, filled with rocks and gravel, with perforated plastic pipes laid on top that connect to the septic tank. Once the septic tank has separated the sewage these channels allow the sewage water to be absorbed back into the ground. When the septic tank overflows or the solid sludge finds its way into the leach field, then the overflowing of the sewage water is unavoidable. Common indications of leach field problems are: overflowing toilets and washing machines, gurgling noises from drains, unbearable sewage smell, and the formation of small pools on the ground near the leach field.

Other Issues

Other issues that can contribute to septic tank problems and clogs are the disposal of the non-degradable material such as diapers and plastic wrappers and the usage of harsh chemicals during laundry and toilet cleaning.

In closing, it is most important to remember that septic tanks should be emptied and cleaned once a year. This is where the experienced professionals here at Rooter Man can help. We offer maintenance programs at many of our locations and not only have our plumbers gained sound experience but they are also knowledgeable about all the obvious and the hidden issues with your septic tanks. Contact us now to have a professional plumber at your service!