How to keep your shower tiles clean

Just like bathtubs, shower tiles can get dirty and stained due to the impurities present in the water and constant exposure to soaps and detergent. You should clean tiles on a regular basis so that their shine is intact for a long time.

Tiles are usually made of ceramic and you should use special cleaning agents such as commercial cleaners or vinegar for cleaning purposes. There are certain products that work best for the tiles and some which do not, so try a few and see what works best for you. Also, there are many different types of stains which require different cleaning materials and brushes. Some tough stains may also require a pumice stone for scrubbing purposes. As shower tiles are always in contact of water, hard water stains may be prevalent which can also be removed with the help of common household items like vinegar and lime.

Steps to clean your shower tiles

  • Rinse the tiles with water: Before you start to clean the shower tiles, it is recommended that you rinse the tiles with water. You can do it with the help of the shower or a bucket of water. Rinsing will remove all superficial dirt from the tiles.
  • Apply the cleaning agent: After the tiles are rinsed, you can apply cleaning agents like Vinegar and commercial tile cleaners and leave it on the surface of the tile for a few minutes. The instructions mentioned on the cleaner and can be followed for better results.
  • Brush the tiles: For removing tough stains, the tiles should be brushed with a scrubber. You can also try using an old toothbrush for cleaning the small grooves between the tiles for thorough cleaning.
  • Wash and rinse the tiles again: After the stains have been worked on, the tiles can be rinsed and dried!