How to Prevent Mold in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms with an inefficient ventilation system are ideal places for the molds to grow. To get rid of the mold, you need to understand what the mold is and how it finds its way into your bathroom. Mold is a kind of fungi that is commonly found in the wet and dark places. Bathrooms prove as an ideal habitat for the mold as they are wet with little to no exposure to natural light.

The mode of transmission of mold happens to be the spores which start forming colonies once they get a favorable condition for growth. Mold prefer to spread in the places that are dark and damp, and both of these things make the bathrooms an ideal place for the molds to grow.

Molds can pose a serious health risk for your family members if not prevented on time.

Molds can be removed from the bathroom by taking a few steps which are mentioned here in the blog.

Provide Air and Light

As discussed earlier, the dark and damp places promote the growth of molds. And the solution lies within this statement. If you modify the environment in the bathroom in such a way that it stays dry and lighted, the mold will not grow in the first place.

Installing a window and replacing curtains with glass to let the air and light come in can help. Installing a sky tube or a skylight can also be a good source for enhancing the daylight entrance into the bathroom.

Remove Existing Mold

There are powerful sprays that can help you to get rid of mold. Use of mold-killer spray of a good company over the tiles and spots where the mold has grown and waiting for a few minutes can help.

The sprays that are used for killing mold contain fungicides that interfere with the life cycle of these molds making them unable to regrow. Stain whitener is used if the grout has turned black because of mold.

Change Silicone

Sometimes the mold grows onto the corners of silicone around baths and showers. This problem arises when the silicone used in washrooms is not of the right kind.

You can prevent the growth of molds from silicone again by preferring silicone remover of a good company. After the removal, a better quality silicone should be applied in the bathrooms. There are silicone’s available that contain fungicides to prevent mold growth.

Paint Ceilings and Walls

Another helpful practice to get away from molds is the replacement of paint in the bathrooms. The ceilings and walls that are painted with a mold resistant paint are less likely to be affected because of the mold as compared to the typical paints.

Mold resistant coats on bathrooms and use of good quality products such as paint, brushes and rollers for a durable effect can prevent mold.

Rooter-Man understands the health risks associated with the growth of molds. We offer our bathroom repair and maintenance services to help prevent and get rid of molds.