Learn how to remove bathtub stains

The water that we use for bathing and other purposes may contain many types of impurities which results in bathtub and fixture stains. Especially, when the bath accessories are white, these stains are clearly visible. The most common impurity found in water that causes these stains is iron. Water with high levels of iron creates an unsightly yellow-orange color stain. Once these stains are on the bathtub, it becomes difficult to remove them. Normal cleaning does not remove the stains, and it requires special chemicals and cleaning agents for the purpose. Calcium impurities present in water can also cause staining of the bathtub and if your bathtub is not white, these white stains are clearly visible. You can prevent these stains by adding a filter to your water tank so that the water is cleaned and purified before coming to the taps in the bathroom.

If your bathtub is already stained you can use special cleaning agents to remove these stains. It is important to note that the cleaning method to remove stains from your bathtub depends on the cause.

  • Before you use any cleaning agent, know the material which your bathtub is made of- Porcelain, Enamel, or Acrylic.
  • Cleaning agents and ways to clean are different for different types of bathtubs.

Methods of removing stains from different types of bathtubs

  • Porcelain: If your bathtub is made up of porcelain, use abrasive powders such as Comet or Ajax for cleaning by applying the powder and a little bit of water to the stain. Then scrub the stain with the rougher side of a sponge or scouring pad. In case of tough stains, you can also use pumice stones to scrub with.
  • Enamel: When the bathtub is made of enamel, the cleaning agent used will be commercial bathroom or surface cleaners that are commonly available in any supermarket. As long as they do not contain bleach, they can be quite effective in removing stains from the bathtub.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic bathtubs are most prone to stains and require frequent cleaning. Dishwasher liquid and/or vinegar can be used as cleaning agents. For effective cleaning, you must leave the cleaning agent on the stain for 30 minutes and then use a soft sponge or soft brush as a scrubber. Avoid using scouring pads or pumice stone on acrylic because it will easily scratch!

Bathtubs easily catch stains due to water impurities. You can use various cleaning agents to remove the stains depending on the material of the bathtub. Prevention is better than cleaning, if you need a water filter or water softener installed in your home or business give Rooter-Man a call today at 800-700-8062

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