Main causes of clogged drains

A clogged drain can cause a lot of problems in the bathroom or kitchen. Once a drain is clogged the water is not able to pass through the pipes and stays in the sink, bathtub, or toilet. There are many reasons that drains become clogged but some of the main causes include: presence of debris, faulty pipes, and impurities in water that accumulate in pipes.

The main causes of clogged drains

  • Foreign objects: If foreign objects pass through the drainage, it can obstruct the flow of the water and clog the drain. Some objects decompose on their own overtime, but if the objects are hair, or plastic materials, the debris will not get removed on its own.
  • Heavy rains and storms: Due to heavy rain and storms, leaves, sticks, or other foreign objects can enter storm drain and clog it. In such events, you may need to have the storm drain cleaned using a high pressure water jet.
  • Breaking of drainage pipes: If a drainage pipe is broken, it can also cause clogging as the broken pieces may block the flow of the water. Drainage pipes can break when they are old or incorrectly installed.
  • Fault in pipe installation: When the pipes are installed incorrectly, they are more likely to cause obstruction in the flow of water. Plumbers who fit these pipes carelessly often end up installing the drainage pipes in the wrong way and cause breaking or collapse of drainage system.
  • Water flow issues: Water flows due to gravity and cannot climb uphill unless a pump is used. If the flow of the water is weak due to a water pressure problem it causes accumulation of debris and clogging.

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