Septic Tank Monitors

Septic tanks are underground tanks that collect waste and sewage from your house and decomposes before draining through to the city sewage line. It is one of the most important machines in your house and needs to be monitored regularly. A septic tank, if unchecked, can get clogged and overflow out of the ground, and because the clog affects the output of waste and sewage,

Happy New Year 2016

With Christmas now over, its time to start focusing on the new year! With the new year comes new beginnings, new plans, and promises of a brighter future. The Rooter-Man family would like to wish you all the best in the coming year.

Plumbing Tips to Reduce Energy Usage

Research into past environmental changes and future predictions by industry experts prove that we haven’t exactly been kind to our one and only habitable planet. This is why it is important to make sure that every person does their bit for the environment and minimizes their carbon footprint. Read More...

December 2015 Rooter-Man Dealer Training Tampa Bay, FL

Rooter-Man would like to thank all of the Franchisee’s who came and helped make our Rooter-Man Training event in Tampa Bay, FL a success. We hope you enjoyed learning and meeting other franchisee’s. We look forward to seeing you all next time! Read More...

Rooter-Man Is Proud To Announce The Opening Of Two New Locations In The U.S.

Rooter-Man has made two new exciting additions to their franchises in the NJ and NY areas, expanding the reach of their plumbing services even further

Rooter-Man, the prem

How to Find Main Water Shut Off Valve

There are plenty of situations that may require someone to shut off a home’s water main. It could be a burst pipe that is flooding your home’s insides or a persistent leak that can’t be fixed quickly. It is always recommended that you call in an experienced plumber to fix any problems, but if the valve needs to be shut off immedia

Rooter-Man Continues To Grow With 8 New Locations

Rooter-Man is expanding their reach with 8 new Franchisees in different states of the US and Canada. These 8 new locations are additions to the Rooter-Man network of over 450 locations across North America. The new locations will be instrumental in increasing the r

Inexpensive Bathroom Upgrades

One of the most popular upgrades that homeowners make in their houses is to upgrade their bathroom. But unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive upgrades that one can make. However, Rooter-Man is here to save the day with tips about inexpensive bathroom upgrades. Decide a budget and make the most of it using the tips below.


Help! I dropped my phone in the toilet!!

It is now an established fact that people don’t go anywhere without their smartphone, not even the toilet. Anyone can see that using a phone when you visit the bathroom can become recipe for disaster, and yet over 60% of people use their phone for entertainment or to keep busy while in the restroom. According to a recent survey conducted by SurveyMonkey,