Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Rooter-Man wishes you a happy holiday season, and hopes that you have an amazing time with all the people in this world who really matter to you. A time for family, a time for celebration, and a time for being close to the people we cherish and care for, the holiday season is upon us and we sincerely hope that you get to enjoy this time in every single way that you wish.

New Rooter-Man Franchise Opens in Sarasota, FL

Rooter-Man, the #1 national plumbing and drain cleaning franchise, is happy to announce a new service location in Sarasota, FL. The new franchise is under the ownership of local residents the Allard Family and is a full service plumbing and drain cleaning company. Rooter-Man is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Read More...

How to keep your shower tiles clean

Just like bathtubs, shower tiles can get dirty and stained due to the impurities present in the water and constant exposure to soaps and detergent. You should clean tiles on a regular basis so that their shine is intact for a long time.

Tiles are usually made of ceramic and you should use special cleaning agents such as commercial cleaners or vinegar for cleaning purpos

Learn how to remove bathtub stains

The water that we use for bathing and other purposes may contain many types of impurities which results in bathtub and fixture stains. Especially, when the bath accessories are white, these stains are clearly visible. The most common impurity found in water that causes these stains is iron. Water with high levels of iron creates an unsightly yellow-orange color stain. Once

Avoid plumbing emergencies during the holidays

The holiday season means happy times with your family and the people who are closest to you. Entire tables full of great food and a merry time is had by all. A clogged drain, or a busted disposal can ruin this happy moment. However, it takes little to keep the plumbing in your home working smoothly, and yet a simple problem can cause it to go kaput. Learn with Rooter-man h

Leaks waste how much water?


Avoid frozen pipes in your home this winter

Frozen pipes are a frequent problem in the winter, and hundreds of homes get damaged due to them. With winter now upon us, make sure that you do not face any frozen pipe problems. Call the nearest Rooter-man office today, and our experts will ensure that the plumbing in your home is ready for winter. Rooter-man offers services in every state, and makes sure that you always

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sending our warmest wishes to our friends and family during this Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Winterizing your home with Rooter-Man

Is your home ready for the winter? Have you checked all of your pipes for leaks? Have you made sure that any exposed pipes are insulated? Areas that reach near freezing temperatures often report a lot of problems with pipes bursting and water supplies getting blocked. Make sure that when the winter sets in you have no such issues to worry about. Rooter-Man can ensure that

Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips From Rooter-Man

clogged-drain-thanksgivingThanksgiving is a day of celebration, and millions of Americans celebrate this festival with a grand feast. With all of the family gatherings and food its no surprise that the day