Prepare Your Pipes For Winter

If you don’t want to put out hundreds or thousands of dollars over the winter season for busted pipes now is the time to prepare. As you think of what it takes to prepare your plumbing, you will need to get some supplies together. Insulated covers, pipe sleeves and other insulating material will be needed. If you don’t know what type of material you need, the answer is as close as your local hardware store. Once you have the materials together, it is time to get to work.

Storing Your Hose

Starting on the outside of your home, get those summer water hoses drained and stored properly for the winter. If you are not lucky enough to have a garage or a shed, you will need to find another location that stays relatively warm throughout the winter months to store the hoses. By keeping the hoses in a warmer climate, you will not only save your pipes, you will also lengthen the life of the hoses.

Remove Water

Along with those water hoses, you also want to remove all water for sprinkler lines and possibly even pools. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s directions on these steps as not doing so could void any warranty you may have on the products. Using insulated covers, you can protect outdoor faucets. You will then want to wrap insulating material around any backflow systems you have. Check your meter, well or any other unprotected outdoor plumbing and use pipe sleeves, or insulating material.

Protecting Pipes

Move on to the attic, basement, or other unheated areas of your home. Protect pipes in these areas by using pipe sleeves or insulating materials. Do not forget your hot water pipelines as well. They can also freeze when the water is not flowing.


Once all pipes are covered, you will want to continue winterizing by blocking any drafts in your attic, crawlspaces or basement. In the basement, a cracked window is a perfect example of a hidden draft in your home. Fix those windows, and any areas under doors that could cause drafts.

If you have a garage close the doors if you have plumbing in the garage, also open cabinet doors under sinks so that warm air can get into that area.

Prevent Freezing

Keep your heat above 55 degrees and keep those sinks with a small drip to ensure constant flow to prevent freezing. One afternoon of preparation can prevent a huge mess, loss of hundreds of dollars, and many headaches.

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