Septic Tank Monitors

Septic tanks are underground tanks that collect waste and sewage from your house and decomposes before draining through to the city sewage line. It is one of the most important machines in your house and needs to be monitored regularly. A septic tank, if unchecked, can get clogged and overflow out of the ground, and because the clog affects the output of waste and sewage, it might mean a backup of sewage and waste inside the house as well.

Repairing a septic tank is always expensive, but catching the problem before it can become a headache can be inexpensive. Houses with septic tanks also have to watch out for excessive rain because it can cause tanks to overflow; so after every heavy rain, be sure to pump your septic tank.

Monitoring the flow of your septic tanks can help increase its life expectancy. Nowadays, Septic Tank Monitors, all different kinds with different prices, have emerged to measure flow and output of your septic tanks. These monitors are programmed to alert if a clog is present and an overflow is eminent, if the water levels are too high. More often than not, these monitors come either with tanks, or need to be bought separately.

A Septic Tank Monitor is mostly used for monitoring:

  • Water Levels
  • Sludge and Solids levels
  • Pump Status
  • Maintenance required
  • Graphing Tank levels over time (optional)

When the monitor is programmed to certain levels, it will alert the homeowners by sending a wireless (if connected through wireless router) signal that one of the tanks are over their limit. Once that information has been established, it would be easier for homeowners to either start their septic tank pump, or call in a trained professional.

Different types of Septic Tank Monitors include:

  • High Water Alarms: these alarms monitor the levels of risen water in the tank and alerts the owner about overflow.
  • Simplex and Duplex Control Panels: basically these are the monitors that do all the hard work of monitoring water levels and starting the pump automatically.
  • Float Switches: they automatically start the pump if the water has risen and/or signal the alarm to manually start the pump.

Septic Tank Monitors are a very important addition to observe the water levels in Septic Tanks. If you are looking to have a septic tank monitor installed give Rooter-Man a call today!