Shower Head Buying Guide

shower head guide

You might be thinking that buying a shower head is no big deal, right? All you need to do is find out what kind of head (dimension wise) your shower takes and go to a hardware store and there you have it!

Actually, there’s more to buying a shower head than one would think. Once you get inside the store, you’ll see multiple choices of different kinds of shower heads displayed. Which one is the best choice? The most expensive one, the least expensive one, the one in the middle price range, or the one with a million features?

Well, here’s a small guide to help you get through the hassle of finding that perfect shower head for your bathroom.

A Good Shower Head:

  • Have a consistent and powerful stream of water flow: It should say on the pack or box how fast the water stream is.
  • User friendly. Adjusting a shower head shouldn’t take you an hour or even fifteen minutes. You either have to spin the adjusting roller or press the button for the type of stream you want
  • Saves Water: Nowadays shower heads are designed to save water and use less for more. The pack or box will let you know if its a water saver and the one with the fastest stream.
  • Easy Installation: Again, this shouldn’t take you more than fifteen minutes, because good shower heads come with easy installation and maintenance.
  • Longer lifespan: If the shower head starts leaking or breaking down in a month, it needs to be returned. Get one that will last for at least 2-3 years.

What Kind Am I Looking For?

Know these questions before heading out for a showerhead because it might make or break your budget

  • Looking for a handheld or a stationary shower head? Handheld shower heads are more mobile than stationary. Mostly used in standing showers, but can be used in tubs as well. They can be used like a stationary shower head but when needed can be taken off from their racks and used freely like washing the enclosed area, or giving baths to children and pets. Fixed showerheads have their own advantages as they last longer.
  • Water stream flow preferences: If you require a massaging stream, make sure it is written on the box. The more flow options, the more expensive the showerhead will be.