Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips From Rooter-Man

clogged-drain-thanksgivingThanksgiving is a day of celebration, and millions of Americans celebrate this festival with a grand feast. With all of the family gatherings and food its no surprise that the day right after Thanksgiving is officially the busiest day of the year for plumbers all over the country. Sometimes unavoidable plumbing issues can arise with the extra stress on plumbing systems, however, the way garbage is disposed of around the holidays is the usually the biggest culprit for clogged pipes and leaks. At Rooter-man, we are always available and happy to help solve any plumbing problems that may arise, but here are some tips to help prevent any plumbing problems over the holiday.

How to avoid pipe clogs

  • Avoid dumping leftover grease down the drain. Running hot water will not help, and you may be left with a clogged drain.
  • When putting leftover food down the disposal, avoid dumping big chunks in it. Make sure that you do so in small pieces. Break the food down and then dispose it. The machine can handle only so much strain before it breaks down. If you are running short on time, you can always dispose it later.
  • Do not turn the water off while the disposal machine is on.
  • Do not use the disposal machine to get rid of the bones. You will end up killing the machine, and might just burst an eardrum of two from all the unholy noise

How to properly dispose your garbage

  • Run fresh water for at least a minute after you are done disposing the food. This washes down the little grease that the food contains.
  • It is also a good idea to keep ice cubes and some lemon peels in the disposal, as the former keeps the blade sharp, and latter removes odor.

And remember if you encounter any plumbing or drain problems over the holidays Rooter-Man is always here to help. Give us a call at 1-866-577-1221