Which Toilet Paper is Best for Your Plumbing System?

Choosing a suitable toilet paper for your plumbing system can be difficult because all toilet papers have their pros and cons and people usually overlook their effects on a plumbing system. Some toilet papers are very soft and nice to use, but they are NOT good for the plumbing system and others seem very rough to use but they are better for the plumbing system. You should spend some time researching the properties of different toilet papers and then decide because it is important for the lifespan of your plumbing system.

A bad choice of a toilet paper can damage your plumbing system and be expensive to have it fixed. Generally, people think all the toilet paper gets break down easily and take equal amounts of time to dissolve but this is not true.

There are many factors that you should consider before using a toilet paper:

1) Toilet paper brands:

To avoid any inconvenience in the future, you should go with some well-known brands of the toilet paper. There are many famous brands which are tested and experimented with by plumbing companies and they are rated with respect to their utility.

Some of the all-time favorite brands include:

  • Cascades: is made from 100% recycled fibers, those fibers break apart into little pieces as the toilet paper dissolves. This is a good thing because the smaller the pieces are the less likely they are to get caught on the edges, rough spots, or corners in your plumbing system which makes clogs less likely.
  • Charmin: is also a popular toilet paper brand. It is good to use due to its own unique properties. It has great drying strength and a good dissolving capacity. So, this is also a good choice for your plumbing system that keeps it risk free.

2) Dissolving power:

Dissolving capacity of the toilet paper has a direct consequence on the plumbing system. Toilet paper that dissolves quickly is more appropriate for plumbing because it prevents clogging and maximizes plumbing system performance. Most of the 2 PLY and 3 PLY toilet papers dissolve quickly. Scott rapid-dissolving is a very famous brand in this category.

3) Eco-friendliness:

This is also an important factor to consider. Generally, the toilet papers which are recyclable are good for plumbing systems. It’s an old misconception that recyclable toilet papers are not soft to use, but many famous brands like Scott are selling toilet papers which are eco-friendly and recyclable, hence very soft and smooth to use.

You should not be careless about selecting your toilet paper because they affect the life of your plumbing system. High dissolving power is the key factor in this regard. Try different brands and notice the performance of the plumbing system. Be smart in your choice and if you need an expert opinion, we are here to help at Rooter-Man.