Why Plumbing Inspections Are Beneficial

After you’ve worked all day and still need to take care of things at home – the kids, dinner, house work, and other odds and ends – we know most the time the last thing you want to think about is scheduling any kind of home improvement or repair inspection. Yet, these things eventually need to take some precedent if you want to keep your home running smoothly and not have to worry about something breaking and having to pay an expensive repair bill! Being proactive and having a plumbing inspection conducted on your home every once in a while is beneficial and will help you save money in the long run.

Let’s take a look at some ways a plumbing inspection is beneficial

  • If you are thinking about buying a new home or other property, having a plumbing inspection done can help you determine if the price is fair. A plumber can tell you whether or not there are any problems, if problems are found, you may want to reconsider buying the property but if you still wish to buty it you will be able to negotiate a better price on the property.
  • If your water bills are high, having a thorough plumbing inspection can help explain why they are. If you noticed in recently you are paying more for water when you have not used any more than you typically do in a month then there could be something wrong with your pipes. A plumber will know where to check to determine the problem.
  • A plumbing inspection can help you decide what can to be done in your home to allow for a more energy efficient system. With ever-rising utility costs and environmental issues, going “green” can help save you money as well as reduce your homes carbon footprint! You can estimate your current carbon footprint here
  • A regular plumbing inspection, even when you have no plans to renovate or look for repairs, enables you to be more in tune with your house and how it works, so in the event something does go wrong you will be much more prepared for what to do.

Your local Rooter-Man is here to assist you and we will make every attempt to make a plumbing inspection as convenient for you as possible. We hope you will let us help you discover ways to save money on your water and energy bills, and catch problems before they explode. Consider an annual inspection for your pipes and fixtures. Give us a call today at 1-866-577-1221