Winterizing your home with Rooter-Man

Is your home ready for the winter? Have you checked all of your pipes for leaks? Have you made sure that any exposed pipes are insulated? Areas that reach near freezing temperatures often report a lot of problems with pipes bursting and water supplies getting blocked. Make sure that when the winter sets in you have no such issues to worry about. Rooter-Man can ensure that your home is ready for the winter and that you have a safe and pleasant winter.

Winterize your home today

Getting your home ready for the winter is a simple task when you have Rooter-Man to help you with it. We provide expert services for making your home winter ready and that all your plumbing is functional when the temperature drops.

Rooter-Man winterizing checklist includes the following:

  1. Checking for leaks: Leaks are the biggest culprit for the problems that occur in homes during winter. Not only do they lead to dampness in your home, they also weaken the pipes and increase the possibility that they will burst when the temperature reaches the freezing point.
  2. Insulate pipes: Exposed pipes need to be insulated, or they become prone to bursting during winters. We look through the garage, attic, and all the crawl spaces in your home to make sure that all such pipes are properly covered.
  3. Securing the sprinkler systems: A number of homes have water sprinklers installed in the lawn which allow for easy watering of the grass and plants. Our experts remove the water inside the pipes of the sprinkler, and ensure that they survive the winter without any damage.

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