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  • I would recommend everyone to use Rooter Man Plumbing they have Great customer service and they are fast I had my mainline backing up in to my house they removed the toilet and snaked the line and then ran a camera had major roots I need a clean out so I won't back up in to the house. Rooter man installed a clean out and did a trench less sewer replacement. Thanks you Rooter Man and Leo was the best!!!

    Rick B. North Hollywood Ca,
  • Grandmothers toilet was flushing slowly. Tried a plunger and it didn't work. Found out the main outside the house located right outside the bathroom was overflowing. Rooter Man plumbing kept us involved throughout the whole process and fixed our problem quickly. 5/5 customer service 5/5 quality Jesse and Johnny were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and fantastic to work with. Thanks so much again guys !

    Ryan A. - Los Angeles Ca,
  • I called Rooter Man Plumbing because I had an issue with my toilet. The customer service was amazing. They answered all of my questions and came out to my house within the next day. They were very professional and got the job done within an hour. I recommend Rooter Man Plumbing to anyone who is looking for quick professional plumbing rooter service.

    Laura D. Glendale CA, - Sewer Drain Cleaning Service
  • Really happy with Rooter Man Plumbing Service how things worked out with these guys after we had been experiencing annoying circumstances with the other companies we contacted previously to these guys. Considering the first few hours the worker arrived and handled the clogged sink and toilet was pretty unproductive, we were surprised when he solved the problem as soon as he diagnosed it. He took his time but made sure to do a good job and we really appreciated them for this quality service.

    Suzy S. La Crescenta Ca. - Sewer Repair
  • So, I heard the dreaded "glub glub" sound. It came from the drain of an empty bathtub as my laundry was spinning out water on the other side of my home a few nights ago.  That "glub glub" was an early  indication of a clogged sewer line.   So, I  looked up reputable companies with good prices to clean sewers, found Rooter Man Plumbing, and gave them a call later that night.  Since their great promotional pricing  is just for business  hours, I scheduled them to come out the next morning.   Fortunately my plumbing worked well enough until they arrived. The Rooter Man used the big industrial rooter which is  needed  for a main sewer line, rather than some wimpier rooter that they also carry.  Using the big industrial rooter was included in the  service call. However even it's mighty rooter's blade failed to cut through the roots near the far front of my property. So next they tried hydro-jetting.  It costs more, but the sweetener is they didn't charge using the regular rooter since the rooter didn't work. Sweet! But even with the hydro-jet, they couldn't clear out the sewer line due to blocking near the front of my home just under my sidewalk to the street.  They used a scope and a device to find the exact location where the blockage occurred, near the end of my property line where the sewer pipes go under my sidewalk, and then down down down to the middle of the city street in front of my line.  It appeared that the trees the city plants between my sidewalk and the street curb had entered my sewer line and basically having a feeding frenzy, growing big, and taking over all the space! Rooter Man Plumbing convinced me to reline the six inch pipe that goes from my property line to the middle of the street.  The good news is that they wouldn't be digging down to the actual sewer line in the middle of my street street.  The bad news is costs a pretty penny. But I called around and after a bit of haggling Rooter Man Plumber agreed to a slightly lower price and what's more, they agreed to start the very same day that they had come out earlier to do the hydro-jetting.  I was  sold.   But that was made easy since at least for me, having a working plumbing after over a day without one, became a pretty big deal  :) So Victor, Johnny, Randy and Jose came out and went to town.  They dug up a 4 ft by 4 ft section of grass, and went 6 feet down through all that dirt to create a big hole (5 by 4 by 6 feet).  Then they climbed into that hole, cut the sewer line at about the property line near the edge of the city sidewalk.  Next they relined the 6 inch clay pipe from the edge of the city sidewalk to the middle of my street.  To prove it, they showed me a video of the relined sewer line.  Then they reattached new plumbing to the sewer line.  Next they filled up the hole with the dirt that had originally come out of the hole. Lastly they put the grass that they had taken off before they removed the dirty, on top of the refilled  dirt.  They even watered the grass!  And best of all, they worked into the evening to complete the job in the same day. So Victor, Johnny, Randy and Jose or Rooter Man, you guys  rock!

    Will G. Santa Monica Ca, - Trenchless Sewer Replacement
  • Great customer service. Job we called them for turned in to a major over haul of our 1948 sewer line to cesspool. Old houses often have hidden problems that can't be known until work has started. Sam and team adapted to all challenges in the course of the project. Sticker stock is difficult for many people; John and Sam were calm and straight forward about pricing. They kept us up to speed on all actions and the conditions of the lines and cesspool. The team took great care in working around very old cesspool tanks and were able to finish the project without fully replacing the tanks. Saving us thousands of dollars. Sam and crew were on site almost daily to get the job done asap. Summary of work done: Scope of line showed cast iron pipes broken. Two cuts needed in concrete to excavate to cast-iron sewer line. Liquids chamber pumped. Cast-iron replaced with PVC. Clean-out added. Clay pipe discovered to solids chamber. Clay pipe full of roots. Solids chamber found full. Cut in concrete need to make access to solids chamber. Access to solids chamber planned for future plumping maintenance Clay pipe replaced with PVC. Solids chamber pumped. Safe-t installed in solids chamber. Clay pipe from solids to liquids chamber discovered to be full of roots. Access to solids chamber installed. cuts in concrete re-patched. Cut in concrete to replace clay pipe between two chambers done. Clay pipe replaced with PVC. Quick dry concrete added to re-enforce the hole between the tanks. Last hole patched. Hydo jet of the sewer line. Job done. Total time: Under 2 weeks. Work done is on file with the city and guaranteed for 50 years.

    Ashley H. Tujunga Ca. - Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement
  • Thanks to Rooter Man Plumbing I had my toilet and shower drains unclogged at a unbeatable price of $49. The plumber was super clean and he even wore booties, he explained the technical issues before doing any work. I appreciate the fast response and efficient work that was  done. Well deserved 5 star.

    Vanineh S. Burbank Ca,
  • I'm so happy my regular plumber was busy today and I found Rooter Man from Yelp! Gary A. unplugged my sewer in way less time than my plumber and the cost was unbelievably reasonable. Gary A. was very clean and professional. I can't say enough about the great service!

    Dave G. Los Angeles Ca,
  • Honesty and integrity are super important to me. We called and requested an estimate on major breakage in our sewer line going out to the street mainline and clean out installation. Raffi and Johnny gave us a fair, efficient cost and time to repair estimate. We scheduled the work to be done 2 days later.  The repairs were completed by the time I got home from work the same day. And they were smoothing out the concrete used to patch up.  Their customer service and professionalism was amazing. We would definitely recommend their services for future plumbing needs!!!

    Dave B. Los Angeles Ca,
  • I called Rooter Man Plumbing because they offered a $49 sewer drain cleaning- which is what I have been needing!  I was a little skeptical at first because the price is so good, especially considering they claimed to actually use a main line cable with blades.  I sent two other companies away when they showed up at my door proposing to use a 3/8" cable (with no blades!) on my main line! Boris showed up on time and was very polite and informative.  Indeed, he used a main line cable with blades, accessed the main line under my house through the clean out, and pulled out some roots which I had seen several weeks earlier through a camera inspection. He then recommended a $500 hydro jet (including camera inspection) to fully resolve the issue.  No pressure or hard sell though, just his recommendation.  And I get it: the $49 initial drain cleaning is more about starting the relationship which will, hopefully, lead to more work.  Totally get it.  The manner in which Boris made the suggestion was very matter-of-fact and I didn't feel like he was trying to up sell me. Should I decide hydro jetting is my next step, I will definitely consider Rooter Man again. Thanks Boris!

    Charline R. - Mar Vista Ca, 90066
  • Rooter Man Plumbing completed a relining on our sewer pipe a few years back. After that we had a few blockages due to heavy handywipes being flushed down the drain. He politely came out a number of times and took care of the problem quickly. Recently we had an issue where he came out once again on his own time and did an inspection showing us the line was holding up and in great shape. John has a nice demeanor. This is a tough city with sometimes tough clients. I appreciated his straight  and caring attitude. Even asked how grandma was doing. Put your trust in John.

    Dave C. Los Angeles Ca,
  • What a great experience.  The people I talked to on the phone and the plumber (Albert) were awesome. He came in and showed me what could possibly be wrong. He suggested a couple of things, including my piping under the sink. So I  fixed that problem and while doing so found the trap or s neck (Not sure what they call it.) Was completely clogged. I'm not sure how any water drained. At any rate it's working great. Albert and gang, THANK YOU! so much. On top of it all I was not charged for the visit.

    Louis P. North Hollywood Ca,
  • This is an EXCELLENT company-- I will not ever use anyone else. They are skilled and reliable. We love Ed! He comes to our rescue in Venice Beach each time doing an excellent job. I will recommend this company to anyone who ever needs a plumber. Thanks everyone for making it all so easy. Thanks!

    Hanah T. Venice Ca,
  • Rooter man was prompt, professional, and patient. I easily made a appointment on a Sunday for Tuesday for what I thought was a clogged sink but it turned out our old tree roots went into the old pipes. They sent a text with a name (Art), time, date and a text to let me know they were on their way. My mother lives in an old Victorian home and apparently the roots went into the pipe. They took pictures and presented it to us with a cost. Even gave us a discount. It was a big project. They came back the next day after our agreement. There was no wait time. They worked 7 days straight through a weekend because they had to change out the entire bottom pipe to the city. They even had a underwater water camera into the sewer line and showed me exactly where the damage was. I would absolutely recommend them again.

    Catherine C. Pasadena Ca,
  • Needed a reliable plumbing company called Rooter Man Plumbing In Los Angeles. I found them on yelp I made sure to read through the reviews the reviews were good. So I called the company the girl who answered the phone was very professional and polite she sent out the rotor company The same night. I have not had excellent service like that from a plumber in years all the guys were kind and nice and explained everything which makes you feel comfortable.  There are additional pluming issues that they found and explained everything to me. They are costly but necessary me that are costly necessary. I was so comfortable with this company.  Had the primary issue taken care of that night. The next day a additional issue came up with the bathroom sink called and spoke to the same girl she sent Chris out within 3 hours, and again she was very nice. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a plumber they are efficient , reliable with no pressure ... The work that needed to be done was done there are other issues when we have the funds will definitely be  calling  them back to finishing up that additional Plumming. it's nice when you find people who are happy to be called on. Don't waste your time looking around call this company you will be happy great service. Special thanks to Chris and Mike Mendez.

    Paulina E. Los Angeles Ca,