Plumbing Service Los Angeles – Rooter Service

I cannot speak too highly of the crew @ Rooter-Man LA, Sam, John, and their assistants. Last week we finally had to undertake a complete re-piping of our exterior plumbing, all the way down to the city sewer line (Valley Village, CA). They undertook the hard labor of pipe excavation (four locations), and the removal of gigantic submerged tree roots. All this effort was expended in an atmosphere of total competence, efficiency, and good humor. At no point was there any cause to doubt their business honesty and dedication to getting the job done right.
Kudos all around! In addition, Sam willingly returned, free of additional charge, to fine tune some earth redistribution caused by prior, unrelated work, and to clear an internal bathroom sink. Our thanks! May their company, Rooter-Man LA, prosper.

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