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Summer fun!

Summer is officially here! Time to be outside as much as possible! Filling pools and letting the kids play in the water hose can run your water bill up. If it seems extreme, you might have a leak! #RooterMantheRescue can help determine if you have a water leak AND do repairs if needed.  Do your hose faucets leak? We can fix those too! Slow drai

Q & A!

So many times we get people calling with questions. Questions about toilets, septic systems, drains, assorted plumbing. We’re here to help address all your plumbing concerns! If there is a topic you’d like to see discussed or have questions about, drop us an email at and we’ll do our best to get you as much information as possible! #RooterMantotheRe


Summer is here! Are your faucets and plumbing systems ready for company and summer? #RooterMantotheRescue can clear slow/clogged drains, fix leaks, replace indoor or outdoor faucets, repair or replace broken drain pipes inside and out and more! We offer free vis

Happy Friday!

It’s the start of a long weekend, and with all the end of the school year and graduations parties and Memorial Day celebrations…are your drains and fixtures ready? #RooterMantotheRescue is here today and tomorrow to handle all of that! We offer free estimates, no hidden fees, same day/next day service, and stand behind our work! Legal, Licensed, Bonded, Insured, Family o

Open Saturday!

#RooterMantotheRescue is open Saturdays! We know that plumbing issues are never convenient, but we try to make scheduling as pain-free as possible! We offer weekday appointments between 8-4 and Saturday appointments between 8-2! As always, we have 24-hour emergency service available! Never wait days or weeks for service again! #SaturdayPlumbing #EmergencyPlumbing #Cloggedd

Congrats Grads!

#RooterMantotheRescue would just like to take a moment to Congratulate all 2019 Grads! High School, College, Trade School… Be Proud of Your Accomplishments!! May the coming years bring you Prosperity and Happiness!

Manic Mondays!

Busy weekends can be hard on your plumbing! If you’re noticing slow/clogged drains, #RooterMantotheRescue offers same/next day service and no hidden fees! Can we make your Monday a little less stressful? (901) 681-0888 Did we mention we have coupons?  Click here for coupons! 


Did you know that 


It’s a sad fact that eventually most all sewer lines end up needing repairs or replacements. There are several things that contribute to this, such as the material the pipe is made of, roots, grease and wipes/feminine products. Older pipes in the Mid-South can be made of several materials including cast iron, concrete, or PVC. In order to achieve flow, the pipes are placed


Two-For-Tuesday! Do you have slow tubs? Showers that hold water? Does your kitchen sink fill up when you wash clothes? #RooterMantotheRescue can clear drains, repair faucets & more! Call for free estimates! #memphisplumbers #cloggeddrains #samedayplumbingservices