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Leaks Waste How Much Water?!

We Were Honored…

… to be honored by 970 WFLA yesterday morning!

A little back story. Rooter-Man of Tampa Bay is starting to really get involved with our facebook page (


Your Plumbing at Home: Drain Flies

Do you need a drain cleaning company in Tampa? Are drain flies ever an issue in your home? They tend to show up in drains that are not frequently used, or that are slightly backed up further down the line. There are many ways to treat these pests- most of them considered “home remedies.” Let’s talk about drain flies in Tampa Bay.

Remember, these are just

The Holidays are Upon Us!

The Holidays are typically my favorite time of year! They can however be very stressful for a homeowner. Between getting everything ready for guests, shopping, planning- the list never ends! Something we wanted to remind our customers about this Holiday Season is this: treating your drains with care. We recommend that our customers take th

Rooter-Man Training

The Allards recently went to Boston, MA to meet with many other Rooter-Man dealers from across the country. Sending four Floridians to Massachusetts in the middle of winter is a crazy concept, however we really enjoyed ourselves!

Training was great as usual. It is always a pleasure getting together with other Rooter-Man dealers. We get the chance to share what

Why Hydro-Jet?

If you’ve had one of our plumbers to your home for drain issues, you were likely offered our “Superhero Service Package” at some point during your service. You may wonder why we would want to hydro-jet your whole home when you have only one drain that is backing up, but we definitely have your best interest at heart!

Maintaining your drains is important, and can s

New Rooter-Man Location


Welcome to Rooter-Man’s new service location! Call us for all your plumbing, and drain cleaning needs. Each Rooter-Man location is locally owned and operated,