Your Plumbing at Home: Drain Flies

Do you need a drain cleaning company in Tampa? Are drain flies ever an issue in your home? They tend to show up in drains that are not frequently used, or that are slightly backed up further down the line. There are many ways to treat these pests- most of them considered “home remedies.” Let’s talk about drain flies in Tampa Bay.

Remember, these are just recommendations to hopefully save you a trip from your plumber- (Rooter-Man!) but sometimes these steps can rectify your problems.

We recommend that you start by finding out which drains are affected. You can use painters tape over each drain. Essentially after a few hours, you will have flies stuck to the tape on the drains that are affected. Next we recommend using hot water down the affected drains, to try to flush out the trap. We then recommend treating affected drains with a bio-enzyme cleaner (we use Bio-Rooter). If the flies are present due to a drain clog down the line, this will help eat away at whatever may be causing it.

We do not recommend the use of harsh chemicals or cleaners to rectify this issue, the products can be harmful to your plumbing system and the environment. Also, the fumes can be harmful to you and your family.

If you are experiencing this issue and would like a professional opinion, please feel free to call Rooter-Man of Tampa Bay, for all of your plumbing needs!