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To Handy Man or To Not Handy Man

That seems to be the question these days. While on one hand, a handyman will most likely be l

Do You Know How To Shut Off Your Water?

It’s something you certainly do not think about day in and day out, but knowing how to shut off your is very important should a leak occur. You might think that you have to shut off the water at the street. Although you can turn off your water at the meter, you will need what is called a key to do that. Most homes have a secondary shut-off and that is usually located where

Sewer Maintenance


Roots and grease are the number one cause of sewer spills for both public and private sewer systems. Therefore, everyone has a stake in preventing sewer spills. Performing regular maintenance and practicing good habits will aid in eliminating these spills. For example, Rooter-Man Plumbers of San Diego are  dedicate

Water Heater Service

DID YOU KNOW…your water heater needs to be drained annually? That’s right. By draining your water heater, sediments and mineral build up at the bottom of your water heater will be flushed out ensuring the efficiency of your water heater and increasing its longevity. That saves you money.  It’s similar to putting a brick on top of your stove and

Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure Relief Valves (also known as Pressure regulators) like any piece of hardware, will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Depending on water conditions, pressure regulators may last only a few years, especially here in San Diego County

5 indicators that could indicate that your pr

Rooter-Man San Diego Has Moved!

Rooter-Man San Diego has moved our corporate offices to Ramona. Even though we have moved, we still offer the same wide range of professional services all over San Diego County. From drain clearing to water heaters to a whole house repipe, no job is too bid or too small. Call Rooter-Man San Diego today to schedule your first service and receive 15% off your service. Some r

New Rooter-Man Location


Welcome to Rooter-Man’s new service location! Call us for all your plumbing, and drain cleaning needs. Each Rooter-Man location is locally owned and operated, and ha