To Handy Man or To Not Handy Man

That seems to be the question these days. While on one hand, a handyman will most likely be less expensive in the short term, there’s a good chance it will cost you a lot more in the long run. Your water is the life blood of your home and your pipes are its veins. Would you go to a neighbor who took some online medical classes when you are sick? No, of course not. You would go to a doctor. So why would you trust your plumbing to a non-professional? When it comes to a leaks and plumbing problems, trust the professionals at Rooter-Man Plumbers of San Diego. Our plumbers undergo hours of education and training, so when you have a problem, they are ready.

What To Look For When Hiring A Plumber

Check to see if they licensed: If not and you have a flood, guess who’s on the hook for the bill…you.
Check to see if they are insured: See above.
Check reviews and star ratings: Find out what your neighbors have experienced
Check to see if they stand behind their work: Will they come back and fix any issues?

Does your plumber provide the above? You better check.