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Personable, professional, quick & efficient

“Thanks to Rooter-man technician, Mark B, our plumbing issue was taken care of quickly and efficiently. He is a very personable,  professional and outstanding employee.” Barbara Jean, Rochester NH.

Immediately Analyzed Problem & Set Up A Plan

“We wanted to make sure you are fully aware of how outstanding your technician, James R. is. He showed up on time and immediately analyzed my clogged sewer line and set up a game plan for fixing the problem. He is very knowledgeable, works very hard and fast and provided me with excellent advice and service. You are lucky to have such an excellent employee working for and

Polite, Professional and Excellent Technicians!

A shout out to technicians Micah and Patrick from customer E. Webber who said they are fantastic and that Rooterman is lucky to have such polite and professional technicians! He was so pleased with the service preformed that he will highly recommend Rooterman to everyone.

Odors in your Drain? Rooter-Man of Southern Maine/New Hampshire can help!

Smelly Drains

Is there a whiff of an unpleasant odor in your kitchen? Do you spend all your time sniffing, asking family members if they smell anything?  Unless you have figured out a way to never use your kitchen sink, you most probably deal with unpleasant drain odors from time to time. The bad news is that kitchen sink drains smell; the good news is that you

Seal of Approval!

RooterMan of NH and Maine Awarded Home Advisor Seal of Approval.

It is often difficult to find the right service worker for a plumbing problem. Home Advisor takes the worry out we are pleased to announce that RooterMan of Maine and NH has completed Home Advisor’s rigorous screen process and we have been awarded the Seal of Approval.


Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

You don’t really think of drains until they block up; then you spend some time hoping they will clear. Clogged drains may need more attention than a hope and a prayer.  It can end up affecting the way you live; you can limp along, the water slowly going down the drain, using the plunger, leaving sticky notes for everyone not to run the water too fast.

Commercial Plumbing Services

Commercial Plumbing Services

If you need to locate a plumbing company to provide commercial services for a building whether it be an office, apartment, or restaurant, what you should look for is a plumbing company that provides great service and will be dedicated to your needs. Commercial buildings plumbing systems have high demands when compared to your typical residen

Why Maintain Your System?

Why Maintain Your System

There are three main reasons why septic system maintenance is


The first reason is money. Failing septic systems are

expensive to repair or replace, and improper maintenance by

homeowners is a common cause of early syste

Toddlers and Toilets


The toilet holds endless fascination to toddlers; they can amuse themselves for quite some time dropping stuff into it. When toilets are backed up and pipes are clogged, there’s a few home remedies that you can try but the most common things that our Rooter-Man techs have pulled out of clogged toilets: dolls and balls. That’s when you need a pro.

The toile

The Invention of Toilet Paper

How Clogged Drains let to our Nation’s Dependence on Toilet Paper

You would be amazed at what is put down at toilet. Clogged drains come in all shapes and sizes and our RooterMan techs have pulled everything from balls to Barbie dolls out of drains. It got me to thinking, what did we do before toilet paper.

Apparently it was a bit of a hi