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Roots Invading Your Drain?

If you know or suspect that tree roots are invading your septic system and drainage pipes who should you call? If in fact you find yourself in the miserable position of having a backed up sewer line, then you will want to know the important answer to this critical question.

Backed up and faulty sewer lines can quickly create a nightmare scenario for homeowners and the f

Stop Smelly Odors from Drains

Smelly Drains/Clogged Drains

Is there a whiff of an unpleasant odor in your kitchen? Do you spend all your time sniffing, asking family members if they smell anything?  Unless you have figured out a way to never use your kitchen sink, you most probably deal with unpleasant drain odors from time to time. The bad news is that kitchen sink drains smell; t

How to Unclog a Drain

How to Unclog a Drain:

Has your sink started to take longer to drain after you wash the dishes? Is the water not draining efficiently in the shower leaving a pool of water at your feet? Have you started to smell unpleasant odors coming from the drain? These are all sure signs that you have a clogging drain, which is one of the most common

Septic System Failure

It is a startling statistic that many septic systems fail during the holidays and winter seasons. We at RooterMan of NH and ME recommend getting your septic system inspected and pumped before it becomes a costly after-hours emergency call or it fails entirely. Nearly one quarter of all American households — more than 26 million homes — depend on septic systems

Sewer Diagnosis

Diagnose the Clogged Sewer.

Mainline blockage: This would be the main sewer pipe which is almost always 3”-4” in diameter has a blockage. The main lines are the ones that tie into your toilets and then empty from a single pipe out of the house then ties into a larger municipal sewer pipe. Until it meets the municipality, the main line is the homeowner’s r

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Welcome to Rooter-Man’s new service location! Call us for all your plumbing, and drain cleaning needs. Each Rooter-Man location is locally owned and operated, an