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Personable, professional, quick & efficient

“Thanks to Rooter-man technician, Mark B, our plumbing issue was taken care of quickly and efficiently. He is a very personable,  professional and outstanding employee.” Barbara Jean, Rochester NH.

Immediately Analyzed Problem & Set Up A Plan

“We wanted to make sure you are fully aware of how outstanding your technician, James R. is. He showed up on time and immediately analyzed my clogged sewer line and set up a game plan for fixing the problem. He is very knowledgeable, works very hard and fast and provided me with excellent advice and service. You are lucky to have such an excellent employee working for and

Polite, Professional & Excellent Technicians!

A shout out to technicians Micah and Patrick from customer E. Webber who said they are fantastic and that Rooterman is lucky to have such polite and professional technicians! He was so pleased with the service preformed that he will highly recommend Rooterman to everyone.

Plumbing Tips from Rooter-Man of Southern Maine


We don’t often think about our drains, do we? They are there when we need them, but when something goes wrong, it’s all we can think about! Fortunately there are good, honest plumbing companies you can call in the event of an emergency like your local Rooter-Man of Portsmouth, NH who will provide quality plumbing and drain cleaning services at a fair price.

Don’t let your pipes clog; advice Rooter-Man of Southern Maine/New Hampshire

Tampons in trash not toilets, should be the marketing slogan for our wastewater systems, yet they are there, clogging up mainlines and septic tanks everywhere. For some reason tampon companies sold the concept that these were totally flushable. The result is homeowner’s clogged pipes, and whole sewage systems breaking down. We’ve all seen the warnings on the restroom w

Invention of Toilet Paper

How Clogged Drains let to our Nation’s Dependence on Toilet Paper

You would be amazed at what is put down at toilets. Clogged drains come in all shapes and sizes and our RooterMan techs have pulled everything from balls to Barbie dolls out of drains. It got me to thinking, what did we do before toilet paper.

Apparently it was a bit of a h

Septic System Failure

Septic System Failure

It is A startling statistic that many septic systems fail during the holidays and winter seasons. We, at RooterMan of NH and ME, recommend getting your septic system inspected and pumped before it becomes a costly after-hours emergency call or it fails entirely. Nearly one quarter of all American households — more than 26 million homes —

Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing Inspection: ENTER TOWN:

Many homeowners don’t give much thought to their home plumbing systems, residents usually only think about their plumbing when something goes wrong. Fixing a small problem is always easier than trying to fix a large one. One way to do this is to keep an eye on your home plumbing by having a periodic inspections by a trained professiona

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

You don’t really think of drains until they block up; then you spend some time hoping they will clear. Clogged drains may need more attention than a hope and a prayer.  It can end up affecting the way you live; you can limp along, the water slowly going down the drain, using the plunger, leaving sticky notes for everyone not to run the water too fast.

American Flag

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! As we all know, the weekend of celebrating independence and freedom is usually celebrated with a lively cookout or holiday party. did all of that left over food go to waste and end up clogging your drains? were too many people staying in your house causing your sewage system to back up? Remember, it’s not too late to call Root