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Nice Review from Public Servant

Rooter Man St. Louis was glad to help a nice family last week.  I did not know at the time, but later found out that this nice young man is a police officer, fire-fighter and paramedic in Rooter Man’s hometown of Des Peres.  Our city requires training and certification in all three.

Anyhow, I am grateful to have helped  this nice family given the commitment they make

Gratitude for Good

Dear Customers,

Many times after my days work, my wife asks if I made any new friends.  She asks this because so often that’s how I tell her about my day.  I make a lot of new friends as Rooter Man.  It’s not like I am trying, it is just that I meet so many great people.  My customers are awesome people and I like hearing their story.  Being a sewer and drain guy i

Rooter Man St. Louis, goes to Senegal Africa

Dear Rooter Man Customers,

My family and I are headed to Senegal Africa for Christmas to be with my oldest daughter.  She serves as a volunteer with the U.S. Peace Corps.   She is really doing a great job and represents America very well.

I hope you do not have any need for Rooter Man while I am away.  If you do have an emergency, please contact Phil McDowell als

Made Another Friend

When my wife asks me how my Rooter Man day went, I often answer, “I made more new friends today”.  That is a pleasure, because the customers I service just all seem to be so nice.  Even though sewer and drain work is dirty and far from glamourous, I love it!  Today, for example, I met the nicest lady.  Turns out in retirement she has founded her own not-for-profit orga

Livin’ the Dream

When I left a long career in education I thought I might miss the students and people I worked with.  I do.

But, I meet many nice people everyday who need help solving sometimes desperate plumbing issues.  I enjoy being of service and I feel the goodness that comes with helping others.  I loved what I did in education for the decades I did it, but equally, I love the

Love making new friends. Thank you for the note of support.

“On December 24th, Christmas Eve, our basement sewer backed up.  We called David Humphrey, Rooter-man, and our call was returned immediately. He arrived in less than an hour.  David was pleasant, in uniform, in a marked truck, and he promptly had the blockage removed and the problem solved.  The charge was ve

Black Friday

I heard today on the news that the day after Thanksgiving was the busiest day of the year for plumbers.  Hmm.  I wonder why?  What is that nick name for that day again……?  Fitting.


Thanks Duttons

Scoped a sewer line for some friends who are in the real estate business.  Their client wanted assurance that the sewer-line was in good shape.  Not surprisingly, the line had roots in it, but with some yearly maintenance  it will likely serve the new owner well.  Thanks for the call.

Always on a Sunday!!

Notice how the plumbing always clogs on a Sunday?  I was called out yesterday (Sunday) to clear a line for a friend and repeat customer.  I was happy to do it.  These things are hard to predict so just call when you need me and don’t worry about it.  Hopefully, I will be free to come right over no matter what day or time.  “See ya’ around the hood!”

Thanks Dana

So proud of my Dad, Dave Humphrey, for starting his own Sewer and Drain business, Rooter-Man – St. Louis!!! There is nobody more passionate about serving the St…. Louis community and always being willing to help. If you live in the St. Louis Metropolitan area and have any sewer/drain/plumbing issues, he’s the guy t