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Do you have a slow leak, or a slow drain and don’t know what to do? Call Rooter Man of NJ!

We know when we have other responsibilities other than having a house sometimes it gets overlooked. We are here to take all of your

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Don’t try to fix it yourself, call Rooter Man of NJ!  

There are a few common issues homeowners run into when it comes to plumbing. For example, oftentime homeowners will call about their toilet that keeps clogging or there is sewage coming up throug

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Call Rooter Man of NJ whenever you run into plumbing problems!

Rooter Man of NJ has been in business for 40 plus years. We are a family owned company. We are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We are always open and here to help you. Even if you have a problem at 2 in the morning we

The season of outdoor drain clogs!


We don’t want to stress you out about your drains. Rooter Man of NJ has all the equipment you need to make all your stress disappear and unclog those drains! We are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! 

The color of the leaves are changing, the smell o

What does not go down your drain?

That is a big issue, but nothing that Rooter Man of NJ can’t handle!

When you’re cooking in the kitchen and you’re in that mode you may not think about what you’re putting down your drain. Certain things that go down the kitchen drain can cause clogs. 


Prevent flooding!

 We have all the equipment to fix any issue you are having!

With Summer coming to an end, lately there has been a heavy amount of rain. The amount of rain that comes can cause plumbing issues. For example, your storm drains can get clogged with the leaves and debris that comes with the rain. A

Tips to prepare for cold weather!


If these things still do not help and your pipes end up freezing, we can help you. Our technicians have all the equipment and knowledge to solve all your problems!

The summer is coming to an end. The cold weather will start to come and unfortunately the

Late night emergencies!


We have technicians in every county in New Jersey! 

What would you do if in the middle of the night you get up and go to use the bathroom and it is not flushing properly? Sometimes customers have emergencies in the middle of the night and they need some

Water damage services!


We have technicians in each county all over New Jersey! 

There are times where the sink, bathtub, or toilet may overflow and could possibly cause water damage to the floors or to the walls. Water damage is definitely a stressful situation, but Rooter Man can solve it for you. We can fix

Clogged showers and sinks oh my!


We have technicians in each county of New Jersey! As soon as you call, we will dispatch a technician right to you! 

September is right around the corner, the kids are going back to school very soon! That means more showers in the morning and at night. M